Model 100 Iodine-Stabilized He-Ne Laser


The Model 100 Iodine-Stabilized He-Ne laser is a primary length standard based on the 1997 CIPM Mise en Pratique. It differs from other commercially available lasers, (e.g., polarization- or Zeeman-stabilized lasers) in that it requires no calibration in order to realize its full accuracy. It is designed for ease of use, with automatic peak identification and acquisition allowing unattended operation and use by "non-specialists." Its rugged and compact design makes it suitable for laboratory and field applications in precision measurement, laser spectroscopy, and standards work. All operating specifications are guaranteed, and have been independently confirmed in many intercomparisons with the BIPM, NIST, and other national standards labs.

        Standards Work
        Precision Measurements
        Geophysical Measurements (absolute g-meters)
        Laser Spectroscopy

Key Specifications:
        Frequency Accuracy
                 2.5 parts in 1011 absolute frequency accuracy (12 kHz)

        Frequency Stability (Allan Variance):
                1 x 10-11         1 s
                3 x 10-12         10 s
                1 x 10-12         100 s
                3 x 10-13         1000 s

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Intercomparisons involving Model 100 Lasers:

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