Company History

Winters Electro-Optics, Inc. was founded in 1993 with the purpose of producing state-of-the-art frequency stabilized lasers. The company’s first product, the Model 100 Iodine-Stabilized He-Ne laser, was introduced in early 1994. The Model 100 was the first fully automatic laser of its kind, and is still the most accurate commercially-available optical frequency / wavelength standard produced today. It is used in standards institutes, research labs, and field installations in more than 30 countries, and is the world’s de-facto primary length standard.

In 1996 Winters Electro-Optics introduced the Laser Heterodyne System, for calibrating and characterizing secondary laser length standards. Concurrent with the introduction of the Laser Heterodyne System was the introduction of LaserCal laser calibration software.

In 2003 Winters Electro-Optics introduced the Model 200 Offset-Locked Iodine-Stabilized He-Ne Laser. Designed around the same optical cavity as the Model 100 laser, the Model 200 offers a higher output power while retaining the high accuracy and frequency stability of the Model 100 – all in one convenient housing. Its modulation-free output makes it ideal for high accuracy interferometric measurements, and the optional fiber optic output allows for easy integration into almost any experimental setup.

Winters Electro-Optics is located in Longmont, Colorado, approximately 10 km northeast of Boulder.


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