LaserCal Laser Calibration Software


LaserCal 3.0 is a data acquisition and analysis package for calibrating and characterizing optical frequency standards. It consists of two sub-programs – an Allan Variance program and a matrix frequency calibration program. It is designed principally to calibrate 633 nm He-Ne lasers using a Winters Electro-Optics Model 100 Iodine-Stabilized He-Ne Laser as a reference, but it can also be used to measure Allan Variances of lasers operating at other wavelengths.

LaserCal 3.0 is compatible with the Windows XP operating systems. It works in conjunction with an Agilent 53181A or Stanford Research SR620 frequency counter, and a National Instruments IEEE-488 (GPIB) interface. LaserCal uses the GPIB interface to set the operating state of the counter and to trigger and retrieve measurement data. Counter parameters such as the input channel, input coupling, input impedance, trigger mode, trigger level, and gate time can be selected in software. Acquisition and analysis parameters such as the number of data points, laser wavelength, laser type, and filter parameters can also be easily selected.

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